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A break in the clouds?

Kenzie’s in bed and sleeping peacefully. She’s coughed…eh maybe a dozen times in the past few hours. She’s doing much better. Her face looks so much worse now that the swelling has gone down! I should take a picture, but I feel so bad for my sweet angel!

I woke up Maddie. I heard her make a noise and ran downstairs and got her up and offered her a bottle, which she took! Also, she had a very wet diaper, which made me feel SO MUCH BETTER! She then obviously wanted to go back to sleep and hasn’t made a peep since.

Speaking of the weather. Do you know sometimes the only thing that will calm Madison down is to turn on the National Weather Service Cable channel? She loves that stupid automated voice and loves to stare at the map. Meteorology anyone?


When it rains…

Kenzie has asthma, it’s fairly newly diagnosed but we’ve had it under control. At least I though. She hasn’t been REAL asthmatic since she started taking her meds before school started. Two days ago she had a cough and it gradually got worse. This afternoon when she came home she had one hell of a bark in her cough! I gave her a nebulizer treatment and I guess I didn’t realize that it would CAUSE HER TO COUGH MORE! The poor kid started hacking so hard she threw up and busted blood vessels in her face and all around her eyes. She looks TERRIBLE! I feel so horrible. Here I am trying to fix it and I make it worse. Granted, she hasn’t coughed in hours now that the meds have all kicked in, but omg it was horrible!

For the past few days Maddie has lost all ability to sleep and take a bottle. She’s so irritable and fussy…gotta love teething! She doesn’t want to drink at all, just eat solids and she won’t nap and barely sleeps at night. She is really starting to scare me! Finally I got her to take a bottle, some Tylenol and wham-o…she’s out like a light.

So right now things were calm. But about 5 hours ago, all the girls in the house were in TEARS! It may be pouring but dammit, I have an umbrella!


weak in the knees…

My husband has always made me weak in the knees. And I mean, always. He has a ga-ga type smile with large pearly whites against his olive skin. He has deep gold eyes and jet black hair and facial hair. He’s very striking and he’s always made me a little wobbly.

Last night as Maddie was cuddling with me right before bed, she stood up and looked at her daddy. He turned and smiled at her and her knees got wobbly and buckled. She sat on her bottom, cocked her head to the side and let out this large audible sigh.

See…he doesn’t just affect me this way…


Nose licking and the Hokey Pokey

Today as Howard and I were trying to buy a second car. I’m not even going to go into details how that went, not worth the time. But anyway, he’s holding Maddie and for some reason (probably because she still had a piece of chicken nugget in her mouth) she was doing a…well rather strange thing with her tongue. With it half way out of her mouth, she was sucking on the damn thing making herself look like a puppy that is begging for attention. She hasn’t done it in MONTHS and it absoutely cracked me up when she was making this face at the manager of the car dealership.

Howard then holds her up to his face and mirrors her actions. She stops, he leans in for a kiss and there goes the tongue rodeo, once again. She was licking his nose with abandon. He was giggling like a little girl, it was the cutest damn thing EVER!

Shortly after our bouncy 6 year old gets in the car she explains that during PE today she fell while running and twisted her ankle. She then says her foot still hurts and Howard suggested that we go to the doctor straight away and get her foot cut off immediately! With a sigh, she agrees and tells him to go ahead. He takes the long way home, looking like we are going to the doctor and then she started a very serious conversation…

Kenzie: “But mom, if the doctor cuts my foot off with scissors {I don’t know where the scissors part came into play but anyway…} then I won’t be able to do the hokey pokey anymore.”

Me: “Well, that’s reason enough booger. Daddy, no surgery today.”

And we head home. She jumps out of the mom mobile and skips inside as I follow behind her, holding Maddie while she’s holding onto my lip saying, ‘oh wow’. I love being their mom.


I’m trying…

To create a real blog for myself. I’ve been doing the free blog thing for a very long time now and I’m bored with it and want more freedom dammit, lol.

Anyway, work in progress, check back. 🙂