When it rains…

Kenzie has asthma, it’s fairly newly diagnosed but we’ve had it under control. At least I though. She hasn’t been REAL asthmatic since she started taking her meds before school started. Two days ago she had a cough and it gradually got worse. This afternoon when she came home she had one hell of a bark in her cough! I gave her a nebulizer treatment and I guess I didn’t realize that it would CAUSE HER TO COUGH MORE! The poor kid started hacking so hard she threw up and busted blood vessels in her face and all around her eyes. She looks TERRIBLE! I feel so horrible. Here I am trying to fix it and I make it worse. Granted, she hasn’t coughed in hours now that the meds have all kicked in, but omg it was horrible!

For the past few days Maddie has lost all ability to sleep and take a bottle. She’s so irritable and fussy…gotta love teething! She doesn’t want to drink at all, just eat solids and she won’t nap and barely sleeps at night. She is really starting to scare me! Finally I got her to take a bottle, some Tylenol and wham-o…she’s out like a light.

So right now things were calm. But about 5 hours ago, all the girls in the house were in TEARS! It may be pouring but dammit, I have an umbrella!



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