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reddish white banana peel

Another word for reddish white is…                                                    Pink

What do you do when you step on a banana peel…                            Slip

Howard got laid off this afternoon. He was told the 15th of December but his boss had no choice. The job site is done, Howard worked so hard, so well and so quickly that he worked himself out of a job.  We have a small amount of savings, not much since the engine replacement in the car.

We have Christmas gifts for the girls, so that’s taken care of. We have enough to pay the bills…for now. I’m just really scared. He can’t take an entry level job, we can’t afford that especially with gas prices the way they are. Construction companies don’t hire this time of year. It’s always when sites are slow and the weather is bad.

So…I’m scared. Really scared.


I did it…for me.

Yes I did!

And I cannot tell you how proud of myself that I am.

I want to blog every day, more then once, trust me, but this gave me the motivation to do it and I highly enjoyed it!


I, too, didn’t realize that prizes would be involved Monique enlightened me with our shared ‘darkness’ if you will. {Picture light bulbs turning on over our heads}


I’ve actually realized that blogging can be a wonderful tool in releasing my emotions and anxieties. Plus, my friends and family love reading about what goes on in my crazy head. {And you do, admit it!}.


So, thank you Eden for starting NaBloPoMo…you rock!


Mt. Incisor has erupted!

I knew teething was happening. With all of the drool, sleepless nights, fussiness, picky eating, wanting to chew on everything and that was just me! Imagine how Maddie felt! Last night I went to rub her gums {makes he smile} and she leaned forward and the butt munch bit me on the boob!

I felt a twinge of something and popped open that mouth and pushed back her tongue to prevent the rasberry she was trying to blow at me and what did I see?

MOUNT INCISOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so glad she finally popped that sucker! Of course I freaked and yelled to everyone and all the people in our house{5-not including Maddie and I}, including our neighbor who stopped by to see the tree came running in the bedroom to see my naked baby laying on the bed {waiting for the right moment to pee} {Oh and she was naked because she had just finished demolishing a bread stick and she was filthy} and the itty bitty tooth that had popped through.


You know what tweaks my melon?

When you and your daughter {Madison} decide you want Jack in the Box for breakfast {Yes, I know she’s 10 months old but she wanted it too, trust me} and you go there and they are closed for remodeling! Then you drive 10 minutes to the next closest Jack in the box and they’re closed for remodeling too.

I was robbed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

So we went to McNasty…and shared a biscuit and hash brown. At least I got a Dr. Pepper out of it.


Annoyances & Exhaustion

Boring ole Updates for today…
Maddie forgot how to fall asleep. She is teething sooooooooo bad. The poor dear can’t sleep and doesn’t want anything right now. She just about blew Howard’s ear drums last night when he went to get her out of bed and I wasn’t anywhere to be found {No, I did not abandon my baby, I was upstairs putting Kenzers to bed}. Like I’ve said before she isn’t quite crawling yet, but she did figure out how to get up on her knees by herself and rock back and forth which is really cute, I might add. Oh and yesterday, she said, ‘bye bye’ to her sister.

Kenzie’s doing really well. She moved up in levels in reading, which I am really impressed with! 🙂 She’s making reindeer shirts at school today, so I can’t wait to see that! She is really siked about all the presents under the tree and every time the packages are in her eye sight she begs to open them, which of course we say no to. Man that makes me feel so cruel. Muuuuuaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaa!

Howard’s working his ass off at work right now. The job is about done, anytime between now and the middle of December he will be laid off and he is trying to hang on with all of his might with this company. He’s doing a lot of manual labor not in equipment which is taking a huge toll on him. The weather isn’t hot right now, which is a bonus, but the allergens in the air are really bad and his asthma has really been acting up this fall. 😦 Which of course all of this means a pretty grumpy man when he gets home. Not that I blame him!

I’m fine. Have a weird eye twitching issue. My right eye is twitching every couple of minutes. I don’t know what this means, and it’s really annoying. Makes me feel like some weird villian in a bad action movie. I know that medical sites out in the WWW say that it could be stress {It’s the Holidays, go figure?!}, fatigue {Gee, ya think?!}, Too much caffeine {I have at least 1 DP every day…hey, I get no sleep, see the fatigue comment} Potassium deficiency {Umm…don’t have anything clever to say about this one} or a thyroid problem {Which really concerns me since Inactive Thyroid is a very common problem in my family}. I dunno, but it’s really annoying, I already said that, but it is.

Oh, and my dear friend Lora told me something that has had me smiling all day long. After reading the entries from my blog this week she says that I am like a more confident her. Which is quite a compliment because she’s amazing.  But, as I explained to her…I am not confident just have a lot of pride in my convictions. 🙂 Just thought I’d share that with ya.


Rich Inner Life…

I have a huge issue with inner monologue. I constantly talk to myself in my head, plan ahead what I am going to do and say {Although I don’t always execute it as well as I do in my noggin}.

I constantly think about the past…full of what if’s and why did I do that/Why didn’t I do that? I also fantasize {realistically as well as when I inherit billions…yeah it’s in my head people, leave me alone} about the future. I think about what life will be like because of choices I made and didn’t make. I think about my marriage and my children and what will come with time.

The most common of things I get concerned about is will my children ever feel about me, the way I feel about my mother. I adore my mom, I constantly think about not having her in my life when I know deep down a part of me would be empty without her. When she is not manic/giving into vices she is the best mother and grandmother that I could ever ask for.  THAT is what I hang on to. It isn’t usually reality…80% of the time she’s not ‘normal’. So, is this a fantasy? {Whenever I say that word, I think of Dragons…why? Dunno} Optimism? {Little tap dancing girl in a tutu singing ‘Be Optimistic’ is going on right now} I suppose I am just scared that my children will be ashamed of me or don’t want me around. I never want that. I want to think that I would never do something to make them think badly of me EVER but that’s not reality.

See, this is why I have insomnia…ha!



You thought I was going to say ‘Action’ didn’t you? WRONG! 🙂
Maddie fell in love with Christmas lights when we were putting up the tree. Here’s my lame attempt to be a photographer with a lame ass camera, haha!

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1am and 4 hours later…

Last night was a doozie with Maddie. She did NOT want to sleep at all. Every time I even stepped near her crib she screamed. She wanted to lay with Mommy and Daddy on the bed and play and make noises. She didn’t want to cuddle either. Well, finally at 1am Howard kept dozing on and off so I decided to try to lay her down. Yeah, that lasted all about 3 minutes. I finally picked her up, rocked her and sang to her to get her to sleep. {Which by the way, I kept sneezing through the song and Howard was laughing very loudly into his pillow at me}

Howard was off today due to all the rain. So, after I got back from taking Kenzie to school and putting Maddie down for her first nap we decided to wrap all of the gifts that we had so far. {Which in total is about 70% of our gift giving this year…that translates to…oh…about 4 isles of Wal-Mart, haha!}


Yes, 4 freakin hours to wrap all of the gifts! They are all under the tree and beside it, climbing up the wall. It’s ridiculous to tell you the truth. Funny, but ridiculous. Necessary, but ridiculous!

And no, I don’t have a picture of the mountain of gifts. But… Continue reading


It looks like Christmas threw up all over our house. Well, on the inside at least. Decorations are all put up and it looks gorgeous. Howard is planning on ‘Clark Griswolding’ the outside of our townhouse. {If you didn’t get that reference then you should be ashamed of youself!}. He was planning on doing that this weekend, but it has been some winter-ish weather around here! Rain, cold, windy…just yucky all together!

Yesterday was an interesting day. We spent the first half of the day just vegging at home, enjoying the gorgeous decorations and the cold weather. Also letting Maddie catch up on some sleep! Then last night we went out to dinner and drinks at Cheddars and enjoyed some Baked Potato Soup…yum-o! Then we went to the mall and let Kenzie make a build a…doll. {Build-a-bear has dolls now}. Came out very cute! Then we went to World Market and I fell in love. I LOVE that store! Like a cheaper Pier 1!!! HUGE inventory and an awesome wine and food section! Haven’t been there? Do it, now…go!

I love the holidays {remind me of that in a few weeks when I am pulling my hair out}


How ’bout it…

Maddie did not straighten up. She cried all afternoon/evening and now silence and sweet dreams. Nice.

Kenzie was awesome. Always the charmer.

The day went well considering. I loved seeing my family and spending time with them. My cousin’s new house {mansion is more like it} is breathtaking! As is their view! Beautiful Texas hills out the backside of their house. I sat out by the fire pit with my cousins and my sister and had girl talk for almost an hour while I got very tipsy. Howard and the fam had the kids and I just…relaxed. I loved laughing and talking with them. It was so nice.

Everyone told me how nice I looked, which is a nice change, lol. I do have my hair and nails done and new clothes, I felt pretty spiffy to tell you the truth. One of the highlights of the evening was when Brandon {cousin’s son} found a snake skin in the woods and brought it in, held it OVER the food and said, LOOK MOM…LOOK WHAT I FOUND! My cousin almost had a heart attack. Boys.

Oh and how ’bout them Aggies! WHOOP! GIG ‘EM!!