Morbidly Charming…

Halloween went well. Kenzie and Howard looked awesome as vampires, and she got enough candy to make us all diabetics. Maddie was a pumpkin, she didn’t go trick-or-treating with us, she slept through it. I put her down right before we left and then we went on our way. We went through a haunted house that was very cool, I was rather impressed with the high school kids that put it together!

I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately. We have been getting lots of new DVD’s and I haven’t had any time to watch them. A couple of weeks ago we watched ‘Transformers’ and I know a lot of people said it sucked, but you know what? Screw them! I loved it! Graphics and special effects were awesome! We watched ‘Disturbia’ on Saturday night. Tragic start, good plot, really enjoyed it. I was surprised I liked it to tell you the truth. On Monday I watched ‘A Mighty Heart’ based on the Daniel Pearl story. Very well made, so hard to watch. Deep…Disturbing movie. Tuesday I watched ‘Mr. Brooks’. LOVED IT! AWESOME plot, great actors/acting. Morbidly charming. Couldn’t help but laughing at the serial killer making fun of his victims.

Oh and just so you know, both kids are back to…err…normal…I suppose. As normal as they ever are! 🙂



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