If you can’t say anything nice…

Alright, First, an apology. I’m sorry Murphy. You rock. That’s all you’re getting out of me.

Yeah, I pissed him off apparently {Monique, throw shoes…preferably something with a sting to it}. Where to start…

I’m sick. Like really sick. I thought I was having a bit of allergy issues. WRONG. Full on cold/flu…whatever. I’m dosed up on medicine, so excuse the ramblings that I know are to follow. I was so worn out last night, I could barely stand. I texted Howard and told him that either he could pick up something for dinner, or he could make cold sandwiches, because this woman ain’t cookin’. lol

Today, I feel a little better in ways. I don’t feel like my chest is going to cave in, which is a nice feeling. I’m dizzy as hell and very weak. I crawled up the stairs like a toddler this morning to get Kenzie out of bed 20 minutes late.

Oh and did I mention the car’s not running again? Yeah, some bullshit about the battery draining (new battery, it’s fine) and an electrical issue. There’s 2 fixes, both will take a while to figure out. So, we’re back to having one car again. Man that was a short break, lol. We’re hoping it’s the cheaper {ha, pfftt, cheap} of the two fixes, which would be the $300 starter. Ugh, all this mumbo jumbo of cars is making me nauseas.

Kenzers had 50’s day at school today, it’s also butt ass cold outside, lol. She had her jeans rolled up, a white t-shirt with a red cardigan and a blue polka-dot scarf around her pony tail. She looked so cute!

Oh, ha…the check engine light is off in the van. It’s like vehicle maintenance by Cybil.



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  1. Monique on

    Hahaha!! I will throw one of my boots! Good luck with all the car stuff, I couldn’t imagine. Christian just got the brakes done on Diablo and now he’s talking oil changes and all kinds of other stuff that goes right over my head, lol!

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