eh, shove it up your bumbo

If you haven’t heard…Bumbo Recall

Well, personally…I think this is a crock of shit.

User error {More like parental neglect} and nothing more.

This is not a ‘baby sitter’ it says on the box to be used with parental supervision. It is a tool, and nothing else. Oh and it also says that you should not use it on elevated surfaces. Apparently those 3 families that had babies with head injuries didn’t read the HUGE warning on the box that says DO NOT USE ON RAISED SURFACES!

In conclusion, if one more person sees my baby bumbo pictures and says, OMG YOU’RE STILL USING THAT?!?! I’m going to kick them in the face with a golf shoe {Don’t have one, but my sister does}.

I do not leave my baby unattended in her bumbo at any time. It’s a supported sitter system, not a baby sitter. Thank you and goodnight

<exit soap box>



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  1. Lora on

    My thoughts excatly!!! Bumbo lovers unite…lol!!!!!!!

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