I spilled…

I was looking for bumbo trays online. I came across some You Tube videos of kids in bumbos that had me giggling like crazy. I started looking around You Tube and I wish I hadn’t.

For some reason I searched videos for twins.

I found one of two newborn baby girls. They were so close to each other, they were practically laying on one another. Their fragile little arms were intertwined and jerking like itty bittys do. One twin was sucking on it’s counterparts hand and the other sucking on her cheek, nuzzling. They kept opening into their eyes and looking at each other, almost to make sure the other was still there.

Makes me think every time Maddie cries for no reason, laughs in thin air for no reason, looks at Morgan’s urn and sighs…that she misses her as much as I do.

I haven’t cried over her in almost 2 months, and now, They’re spilling.


2 comments so far

  1. Lora on

    Awww, honey!! I think about you everytime I see twins, especially girls!

  2. Monique on

    I bub you. ((hugs))

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