Sarcasm and Fog

Do you ever find yourself staring into space and then suddenly something snaps and you look around and think, ‘How the hell did I get here?’

No, like literally…I don’t remember getting out of bed this morning. I am seriously racking my brain on everything I’ve done so far today. Kinda fuzzy.

I haven’t heard from my sister in a while. A couple of hours ago I heard of a horrible car accident just a few miles from her house, and on the road that she travels to work. Scared me. Especially because they said it was a woman in a mini van and the woman’s been killed. That, really scared me. I come upstairs to check email and get her office number {I’m paranoid} and see emails from her…at 7:45am and about 10 minutes ago. It couldn’t of been her. I had the most overly dramatic sigh of release!

Psycho mom showed up earlier. Apparently she’s being evicted. ppfftt, shocker. I love my mom, she’s my mom, it’s a rule. But I will NOT clean up her messes this time. Kenzie and Maddie are messy enough 🙂 Does that make me a bad person? I do feel guilty, but I’ve done this way to many times. And frankly, Howard would kill me if I do it again. {That cannot happen, I must do the NaBloPoMo challenge, ha!} I am such a smart ass 🙂

She tried to pick up Maddie, and my darling has figured out how to have stranger anxiety. She looked at my mom, then looked at me and that bottom lip went out and there went the water works. She was fine once I took her back.
On another note. Here about the Aqua Dot recall?

Lovely, not are they only giving our children/toddlers lead poisoning and our pets and chemicals that can lead to organ failure…but they’re giving our kids GHB {The date rape drug}…great.
A trip to Wal-mart I must make…to return the Aqua Dot set I had hidden in my closet for my 6 year old for Christmas, thank God I listened to Howard and didn’t give it to her earlier. {This is the only time he’s getting a ‘Ok, you were right talk’}



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