Gas tank?

Imagine the loudest flatulance {farts people, come on} and rasberry noises a 6 year old child can make.

Kenzie was doing that, yesterday in the car on the way home from school.

Kenzie: {Noises….lots of them, loudly}
Me: Mack, hunnie, why are you making all those noises?
Kenzie: Because MOM!
Me: Why hun…
Kenzie: Mom, it’s not nice to interrupt.
Me: So sorry sweetie, why are you making those noises again? {While I was saying this, she was still doing it}
Kenzie: Because I’m being a gas tank mom!
Me: Why are you being a gas tank?
Kenzie: ‘Cause I’m full of it.
{Continue making noises, while Maddie cracks up laughing and I just shake my head.}



2 comments so far

  1. Lora on

    That is hilarious!!! My son was saying something today in the car and I didn’t understand him correctly, he said “Oh mom!!!” I about died it was so funny!!!

  2. Monique on

    Hahaha! Oh wow, she is TOO cute!!

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