Ghetto Beach

I *think* that Howard’s car is fixed. For how long, I honestly do not know. There’s still an electrical issue that makes the radio stay on {Lights, clock, ect.} all the time, so he has to unhook the battery to make that turn off so it doesn’t drain his battery. {Ghetto, I know}

This morning Madison was getting very impatient with me while I made her breakfast. Kenzie was sitting next to her, trying to keep her from screaming {and man does she ever have a scream}.
Me: Maddie, calm down punkin, Mommy’s hurrying.
Me: Sweetie, calm down and go to the beach. {Don’t ask me why I said this, sounded relaxing, and that’s what I wanted her to do at the time, so I said it}
Kenzie: MOMMY!!! DON’T SAY THAT TO MY SISTER! <Maddie quit crying at the sound of Kenzie yelling>
Me: What Kenzie?! What did I say?!
Kenzie: You called her a bitch!
Me…uncontrollable laughter and in between breaths, Mackenzie, don’t say that sweetie…<Maddie cracks up laughing with me.
Kenzie: I know, it’s a bad word, but you shouldn’t say those things to Maddie, Momma. <Maddie screams again>
Me: Sweetie, Hunnie, I said BEACH.
Kenzie: Ohhhhh…oh well…what can ya do?!

She shrugged her shoulders and off she went.

I’m so mad at myself. I have been wanting to make these leg warmers for weeks now and haven’t had the chance. I was so hoping that this weekend, while Howard was working on his car that I would get the opportunity. My kids had other plans, lol. Granted, Madison didn’t take a nap on Saturday and then slept for 12 freakin hours from 6pm-6am Sunday. That was nice! Scared me a bit, but she really was exhausted.

This week…I have GOT to get the kids appointments to have flu shots! I have to spend some time with Danielle {Friend from grade school that is about to move to Houston} and Mackenzie has her Thanksgiving dinner at school on Wednesday. Then she’s off for a whole week. Holy crap. I’m dead.


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  1. Monique on

    You can’t die, because then I’ll miss these awesome exchanges!!! Anytime Samara thinks I curse, she snickers. It’s so funny to her. I think she says them under her breath, because we finally told her now “not nice” they were.

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