Danielle {known for about a million years} came over and our kids played. Beckham {Her 16 month old} and Mackenzie have an adorable love fest that includes hitting each other in a playful manner and chasing each other around the house.

Danielle and I played too, lol. We created ‘Pimp Pony’ {Rainbow Brite’s pony, starlight with a barbie witches hat on}. We spent like 10 minutes looking for something we could use for his pimp cane. She found a build a bear skirt that she immediately put on Madison. She called it her ‘hooker skirt’ and when she started dancing {for no reason…inner monologue song…it’s genetic, lol} she said she was practicing her pole dancing…nice.

By the end of the night Maddie wouldn’t sleep {Too much noise+No blankie (dirty)+Pillow (something she realized that she HAS to have to sleep)+broken mobile}. Beckham was so tired he was swaying with lidded eyes and a giggly laugh as he ate his pizza {that I HAD to order because of all the talk of dieting}. It was an awesome evening.

**Somewhere in between 11-12 & 11-13**

Madison woke up…TWENTY SIX TIMES. She would not sleep {I already told you why, pay attention 🙂 }.

**And today…**

I have been a zombie all day…wanted to go back to sleep, but knew that was a bad idea from the get go. I can’t nap during the day. One of the things I miss from being pregnant with the twins…2 naps a day and ready for bed by 9 lol. Life was sweet…I love to sleep. I’m a poet and didn’t know it. Ha, idiot. Anyway…backtracked…

I made tons of phone calls today. All the had to do with kids flu shots {which are scheduled for Monday @ 10:40} and with the holidays and my psycho mother. Lord, I am so sick of that woman. I honestly don’t even want to vent about her, because it’s not worth it. My dad…God love him but he CANNOT say no to her. After all he’s did to him {leaving him, ending their marriage, long line of substance abuse, spousal abuse, stealing…just to name the things she did in the past few MONTHS}. He’s a sucker…to the T…err…S!

Mm…speaking of the Holidays. Usually we always invite my in laws here for Thanksgiving {They come here Thanksgiving, we go there Christmas.}. It’s so hard for us to travel, especially with Maddie so we only do the big traveling once a year. Well, Neither of Howard’s brother’s are coming. Karl…doesn’t give a shit…he’s spending the holiday with his new girlfriend’s family. Not a shock. Todd…is going to Howard’s aunt’s house {whom he swears he hates} for a family gathering. As is his father…who has only been to our new house once since we moved here in May. Howard’s mom on the other hand is coming here, but it is ripping his heart out that they won’t come here.

Against my better judgment, I told Howard that if he wanted to go to that family gathering at his Aunt’s then we could go {I’m a freakin idiot…4 hour drive…Madison…Mackenzie…oh. my. God.} And to boot, I think that’s what’s going to happen. So…Holidays will be like this {If it goes the way Howard and my in laws want}
Thursday: Wake up at the buttcrack of dawn and make the long ass trip. Have awkward conversation followed by funky food like tamales {like ’em but not for Thanksgiving} for Thanksgiving dinner. Then take the horribly long drive home with what I know will be the CRANKIEST KIDS ON THE PLANET!
Friday: Wake up a the buttcrack of dawn again and start cooking for MY extended family Thanksgiving and the Aggie vs. TU game. Also deal with very cranky kids from the day before. Go to my cousin’s house where there is not a toy in site besides their big black lab…deal with more cranky kids and prying relatives that I have to explain once again how much of a nutcase my mom is.
Saturday: Howard putting up Christmas Decorations and me cooking an entire Thanksgiving dinner for my in laws who will come up then! Oh and not to mention, BEYOND cranky kids from being off their schedule.

I hate Love the holidays.



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