Tradition 360

Holidays aren’t so bad! omg, forget I said that! I know I will say the opposite sometime between now and Christmas! We finally settled the Thanksgiving debate. To my advantage I must say. Howard left the decision up to Mackenzie, who told him there is no way that she wants to be in the car for about 8 hours with what we all know will be one cranky ass baby on Thanksgiving day instead of in her room playing. So…Thanksgiving tradition…back on!

We went to Kenzie’s Thanksgiving feast at school today. Sooooooooooooo many people. Make a neat freak have a heart attack, I’m telling you! Food wasn’t bad {barf at the brick of a wheat roll}. Howard was able to go, which made Kenzers so incredibly happy! Maddie loved the food, especially the mashed potatoes.


Oh Maddie with this sleeping crap. She is so cranky all the time. I mean her gums are being so damn stubborn!!! I swear, Mackenzie was such an easy baby. Never sick, always slept AT LEAST 12 hours, ate everything in site with no issues. No teething issues, did everything developmentally when she should and now that I have Maddie…I feel like a first time mom. Everything you see in parenting magazines that might or are going to happen to your baby, never did with Kenzie and ALL did with Maddie. Total 360!



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  1. Lora on

    Oh hun, Maddie and Cassie are so much alike it’s scary!!!! Riley was a sweetie too!!! Funny how that works isn’t it!!!

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