Screaming Feet

Parent Teacher conference went well. Mackenzie is doing really well academically and behavior wise. Her teacher is very happy with her. The beginning of the year testing results came back and she did really good! Her writing scores were down and I was concerned until I was explained why. Mackenzie wrote everything perfectly, no mistakes. But, she wrote it too small…so it was counted as incorrect. Kinda pissed me off, but that’s state regulations for ya!

No pillow talk last night, just sleep. Uninterrupted sleep too. Maddie slept ALL NIGHT!! It was so nice! She did the funniest thing yesterday when we picked up Mackenzie from school. She was being pretty quiet, playing with her toys and talking to the shadows that were casted around the van. Mackenzie opened the door suddenly and Maddie threw her toy and screamed, ‘AHHHHHHHHHHHH!’ and started cracking up laughing. It was ADORABLE! And she continued to do that for the next 10 minutes in the car, lol.

I had some pamper time yesterday, I gave myself a pedicure, it was nice! My feet look pretty! Well, as pretty as feet can get I guess.



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