Howard decided to spoil me today. Literally it was all around a good day!

Maddie slept all night, so I was well rested. He woke ME up at 8am sweetly and got the bottle for Maddie brought her into bed with us.  After she ate, he fixed breakfast while I did some things around the house. We watched some DVR stuff from this week and around noon we left the house to run errands. Kid less. Yes, kid less. My parents stayed here and watched the kids. I cried for about 10 minutes after we left. Leaving this would be hard for you too!

We went to the bank and opened a savings account so I can get it out of the coffee can that holds our sorry excuse for a savings. We went to a romantic lunch with wine and Italian food. Then we went to Carters and bought clothes for Maddie. Then we went shoe shopping for Kenzie and I. And finally ended up going into one of my favorite stores and getting a few items of clothing for me! After that he surprised me with getting me a drink from Sonic and going to get my nails done! I kept asking him what he did, lol. Oh, not to mention he did all of this with his cell phone off. I asked him why, and he said, “Our time.”

W-O-W… I love him!



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  1. Monique on

    I always cry when we leave the kiddos behind. :/ I am glad you had an awesome day, it sure sounded lovely! 🙂

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