Reversing roles

After such a good day yesterday I woke up with a migrane and cramps. Sign of good old PMS…lovely.

My kids were halarious today. They usually are, but today they did everything they could to crack me up. Maddie kept turning her head from side to side as fast as she could with her tongue out saying….AH AH AH AH! She’s a nut. Kenzie kept telling her daddy (after a tickle match and chasing eachother around the house) COME OUT HERE AND FIGHT LIKE A MAN! When he would hide in the bathroom.

Yeah. And we say we’re the parents…ha!



2 comments so far

  1. Monique on

    LOL it’s like watching Christian and Caesar “wrestle”, it cracks me up. We’re supposed to be so mature. šŸ˜›

  2. Lora on

    OMG…I laughed so hard at that…”Come out here and fight like a man” I love it!!! I have a feeling my two kiddos will fight like cats and dogs, or at least Cassie will push Riley around!!!

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