Pod it!

Last night, Howard ran into a local burger place to grab dinner. The kids and I sat in the car. Kenzie was pretending to bite Maddie’s hand {No, not using teeth, though I do think they secretly want to chew each other’s arms off.} Maddie pulled her hand away and swatted and Kenzie and said, ‘POD IT!’ {Stop it!}. Hot.

The girls had their flu shots today. And get this, neither one of them felt them! Kenzie didn’t even realize that she was done until I told her to hop off the table. Maddie yelled at the nurse, once, for holding her leg still so she couldn’t kick me. Nice.

My dad needed to put together a dead bolt for my mom’s house so I dropped him and Mackenzie off at her house. So…Maddie’s napping and mommy’s alone. Seriously, I peed with the bathroom door open. Sweet!



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  1. Lora on

    At least you have the option of shutting your door. Mine shuts but not tightly…lol. And WOW at Maddie’s verbal skills. I can barely get RIley to say to words together that I can understand.

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