Trouble Corner

**Ok wordpress, I just posted this and now it’s gone and I have to rewrite it again…grr!

I’d tell you what happened with the car, but I would probably confuse you because I have no idea what the hell I’m talking about. šŸ™‚

Kenzie is feeling much better. Her arm doesn’t seem to be bothering her and the fever is gone. Maddie’s fever spiked this afternoon around 4ish {While I was watching Oprah’s Favorite Things 2007. I rarely watch her show, but I hated all those people on the show today, I want that stuff! lol} but she’s good now.

Maddie was pretty funny this evening. She kept diving her head into my chest and biting my chest. {No teeth but the gums don’t feel too hot either}. So, I sat her next to Howard {Oh! Last night Maddie took a shower with Howard. She loved feeling the sprayer on her back, she kept laughing her head off!} and she started yelling, ‘OUT OUT NO NO OUT AHHHHH!’ While hitting herself on the legs. I picked her up and faced her towards me, face to face and she smiled, cocked her head to the left side and sweetly said, ‘Hi’. Yep, new word. Man am I in trouble.

Howard was totally PMSing today. {In an 80’s punk rock voice DUDE! I said, ‘PMS city man!” Like Kenny said on ‘Don’t tell mom the baby sitter’s dead’…love that movie!} Seriously, throwing tantrums and trying to start fight which made me laugh {which pissed him off more because I wouldn’t fight with him and because I was laughing at him}. Seriously, he threw a fit because of the time I told him I wanted to make the bread on Thanksgiving day. Total fit…yelling, cussing, the works. I had the urge to put him in the corner. lol

Man, I just noticed how side tracked this whole entry is…Lordy loo…sorry, lol.



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