Gobble Gobble

Howard is back to normal after a night filled with Men’s PMS and a tampon left in his lunch box this morning. 🙂 The kids are their normal crazy selves. I am dreading tomorrow but also excited.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving which I am sure will be full of tears {mine, not the kids} and laughter and a couple of fights {hell a couple is an understatement!}. I will resist not ballroom dancing with my 20 pound turkey. {Such a lie, we’re doing the tango ASAP!} And no, I am not psychotic, everyone dances with their turkeys.

May you not fight with your family {Yeah right, my mother in law and mother will be here psshhhaw!} May your food be filling {No Macy’s Day Parade filling…but eat until ya pop out another notch in that belt…eh throw the belt away} and may your Thanksgiving fill you with reminders of what you are thankful for.



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  1. Monique on

    Have a happy gobble gobble day!!! 🙂 Hug those gorgeous princess muffins for me! {Send leftovers… lol}

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