3 prong

Late night girl talk between my mother and I:

Mom: You know, I’m dating 3 men right now and just having fun and won’t even think about the ‘L’ word right now!
Me: Well that’s good. You don’t need to rush into anything, Lord knows you’ve done that one too many times!
Mom: I haven’t ever dated 3 men at one time before! I know I always had that one outlet that I could go to if I needed to. But that was a bad situation. {Ex whom she uses as friends with benefits that TOTALLY broke her heart}
Me: Uhhh yeah, don’t waste your time with that asshole, that outlet should of had it’s wires cut. 🙂
Mom: {laughs} Yep, you’re right. And it’s getting pretty interesting with all 3 guys. I slept with them all within a week! {And yes, I know by saying this in my blog has publicly announced to the world that my mom’s a…well…she’s a self proclaimed slut. Nice}
Me: And look at it this way mom, Now you traded in the used outlet for a 3 prong!
Mom: {laughing so hard she falls off the couch and later we realize RIPPED her pants open}

Do all Mother’s and Daughter’s have conversations like this?



2 comments so far

  1. Lora on

    Well I used to but now my mom is a hermit….lol!!!!

  2. Monique on

    Yes, LMAO!!! We were talking about gummy worms going up… well. *cough*

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