How ’bout it…

Maddie did not straighten up. She cried all afternoon/evening and now silence and sweet dreams. Nice.

Kenzie was awesome. Always the charmer.

The day went well considering. I loved seeing my family and spending time with them. My cousin’s new house {mansion is more like it} is breathtaking! As is their view! Beautiful Texas hills out the backside of their house. I sat out by the fire pit with my cousins and my sister and had girl talk for almost an hour while I got very tipsy. Howard and the fam had the kids and I just…relaxed. I loved laughing and talking with them. It was so nice.

Everyone told me how nice I looked, which is a nice change, lol. I do have my hair and nails done and new clothes, I felt pretty spiffy to tell you the truth. One of the highlights of the evening was when Brandon {cousin’s son} found a snake skin in the woods and brought it in, held it OVER the food and said, LOOK MOM…LOOK WHAT I FOUND! My cousin almost had a heart attack. Boys.

Oh and how ’bout them Aggies! WHOOP! GIG ‘EM!!



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