It looks like Christmas threw up all over our house. Well, on the inside at least. Decorations are all put up and it looks gorgeous. Howard is planning on ‘Clark Griswolding’ the outside of our townhouse. {If you didn’t get that reference then you should be ashamed of youself!}. He was planning on doing that this weekend, but it has been some winter-ish weather around here! Rain, cold, windy…just yucky all together!

Yesterday was an interesting day. We spent the first half of the day just vegging at home, enjoying the gorgeous decorations and the cold weather. Also letting Maddie catch up on some sleep! Then last night we went out to dinner and drinks at Cheddars and enjoyed some Baked Potato Soup…yum-o! Then we went to the mall and let Kenzie make a build a…doll. {Build-a-bear has dolls now}. Came out very cute! Then we went to World Market and I fell in love. I LOVE that store! Like a cheaper Pier 1!!! HUGE inventory and an awesome wine and food section! Haven’t been there? Do it, now…go!

I love the holidays {remind me of that in a few weeks when I am pulling my hair out}



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  1. Lora on

    I will remind you if you remind me!!!! lol

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