1am and 4 hours later…

Last night was a doozie with Maddie. She did NOT want to sleep at all. Every time I even stepped near her crib she screamed. She wanted to lay with Mommy and Daddy on the bed and play and make noises. She didn’t want to cuddle either. Well, finally at 1am Howard kept dozing on and off so I decided to try to lay her down. Yeah, that lasted all about 3 minutes. I finally picked her up, rocked her and sang to her to get her to sleep. {Which by the way, I kept sneezing through the song and Howard was laughing very loudly into his pillow at me}

Howard was off today due to all the rain. So, after I got back from taking Kenzie to school and putting Maddie down for her first nap we decided to wrap all of the gifts that we had so far. {Which in total is about 70% of our gift giving this year…that translates to…oh…about 4 isles of Wal-Mart, haha!}


Yes, 4 freakin hours to wrap all of the gifts! They are all under the tree and beside it, climbing up the wall. It’s ridiculous to tell you the truth. Funny, but ridiculous. Necessary, but ridiculous!

And no, I don’t have a picture of the mountain of gifts. But…I do however have pics of the tree…

How it looked before the tree:

{Notice my Morgan’s in the picture…in two places}

1 artificial tree and 1400 lights later:

And finally…

Oh and did I mention Kenzie went back to school today!!! lol



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  1. Lora on

    Oh honey, I just love your tree. that is erally pretty. I think that I will put up my tree this weekend if I can get my mom to help me. i am going to have to rearange my livingroom in order to do that.

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