You thought I was going to say ‘Action’ didn’t you? WRONG! 🙂
Maddie fell in love with Christmas lights when we were putting up the tree. Here’s my lame attempt to be a photographer with a lame ass camera, haha!

Oh and she’s not wearing pants in these pictures, she wearing leg warmers…that I…ah hem…MADE! I rock! haha! Oh and since we’re showing pictures. Here’s one of the girls on Thanksgiving right before we ate…

 As December 1st approaches I think of a few things. Where I was last year, very pregnant and thinking everything was going to be fine…hectic but fine. {December 17th is going to be a rough day for me this year, it’ll mark the one year anniversary that I found out that I lost Morgan…I am not prepared for it} The Holidays and Festivities are going to kick off on the 1st. We have Holiday Festivities planned all day Saturday. Boy oh Boy! I am searching everywhere trying to find an ornament to include Morgan in our Christmas. The search is not going well…I am getting very frustrated.



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  1. Lora on

    Oh honey, I don’t have anything to say that will make you feel better. I love you and you and Howard will be in my T&P’s. I know that it is going to be really hard, but Morgan is in a better place and in good company with my angel!! And now that I am crying I will leave it at that. Love ya!!

  2. Monique on

    Ahhhhhh!!! Cutest little ones ever!! They are so beautiful, I love those big smiles! You guys are in my thoughts, I can’t imagine the pain of that day for you. But I know you’re strong, and you know I’m here if ever you need a chat. I bub ya!

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