Annoyances & Exhaustion

Boring ole Updates for today…
Maddie forgot how to fall asleep. She is teething sooooooooo bad. The poor dear can’t sleep and doesn’t want anything right now. She just about blew Howard’s ear drums last night when he went to get her out of bed and I wasn’t anywhere to be found {No, I did not abandon my baby, I was upstairs putting Kenzers to bed}. Like I’ve said before she isn’t quite crawling yet, but she did figure out how to get up on her knees by herself and rock back and forth which is really cute, I might add. Oh and yesterday, she said, ‘bye bye’ to her sister.

Kenzie’s doing really well. She moved up in levels in reading, which I am really impressed with! 🙂 She’s making reindeer shirts at school today, so I can’t wait to see that! She is really siked about all the presents under the tree and every time the packages are in her eye sight she begs to open them, which of course we say no to. Man that makes me feel so cruel. Muuuuuaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaa!

Howard’s working his ass off at work right now. The job is about done, anytime between now and the middle of December he will be laid off and he is trying to hang on with all of his might with this company. He’s doing a lot of manual labor not in equipment which is taking a huge toll on him. The weather isn’t hot right now, which is a bonus, but the allergens in the air are really bad and his asthma has really been acting up this fall. 😦 Which of course all of this means a pretty grumpy man when he gets home. Not that I blame him!

I’m fine. Have a weird eye twitching issue. My right eye is twitching every couple of minutes. I don’t know what this means, and it’s really annoying. Makes me feel like some weird villian in a bad action movie. I know that medical sites out in the WWW say that it could be stress {It’s the Holidays, go figure?!}, fatigue {Gee, ya think?!}, Too much caffeine {I have at least 1 DP every day…hey, I get no sleep, see the fatigue comment} Potassium deficiency {Umm…don’t have anything clever to say about this one} or a thyroid problem {Which really concerns me since Inactive Thyroid is a very common problem in my family}. I dunno, but it’s really annoying, I already said that, but it is.

Oh, and my dear friend Lora told me something that has had me smiling all day long. After reading the entries from my blog this week she says that I am like a more confident her. Which is quite a compliment because she’s amazing.  But, as I explained to her…I am not confident just have a lot of pride in my convictions. 🙂 Just thought I’d share that with ya.



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  1. Lora on

    You know what? I love you!!! I can’t stop smiling now!!!! That literally made my day, and that is impressive because I ahve had a pretty good day!!! Thanks sweetie!!!

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