Mt. Incisor has erupted!

I knew teething was happening. With all of the drool, sleepless nights, fussiness, picky eating, wanting to chew on everything and that was just me! Imagine how Maddie felt! Last night I went to rub her gums {makes he smile} and she leaned forward and the butt munch bit me on the boob!

I felt a twinge of something and popped open that mouth and pushed back her tongue to prevent the rasberry she was trying to blow at me and what did I see?

MOUNT INCISOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so glad she finally popped that sucker! Of course I freaked and yelled to everyone and all the people in our house{5-not including Maddie and I}, including our neighbor who stopped by to see the tree came running in the bedroom to see my naked baby laying on the bed {waiting for the right moment to pee} {Oh and she was naked because she had just finished demolishing a bread stick and she was filthy} and the itty bitty tooth that had popped through.



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