reddish white banana peel

Another word for reddish white is…                                                    Pink

What do you do when you step on a banana peel…                            Slip

Howard got laid off this afternoon. He was told the 15th of December but his boss had no choice. The job site is done, Howard worked so hard, so well and so quickly that he worked himself out of a job.  We have a small amount of savings, not much since the engine replacement in the car.

We have Christmas gifts for the girls, so that’s taken care of. We have enough to pay the bills…for now. I’m just really scared. He can’t take an entry level job, we can’t afford that especially with gas prices the way they are. Construction companies don’t hire this time of year. It’s always when sites are slow and the weather is bad.

So…I’m scared. Really scared.



2 comments so far

  1. Monique on

    Ugh… I’m so sorry. 😦 You guys are in my thoughts, I hope everything works out!!

  2. Lora on

    Oh hun, I am so sorry. I know that Howard will be happy that he can spend more time with you and the girls but I can’t imagine how you both must feel. You are in my T&P’s. Love ya!!!

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