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Sweet Overload

Wrong! Maddie was not a terror, she was freakin awesome! I was shocked! She did beautifully! We all had a great time, especially compared to last year {don’t ask, trust me}.

Christmas was great too. Actually for now, no drama or bad news to speak of. sweet!

Oh, ha! Picture that whole ‘sweet‘ thing with the ‘How you doin’ fingers that Joey did from Friends, with the attitude. Kenzie did that, Saturday night at my grandparents house. My sister told her that she’d see her in the morning because they were coming back for breakfast, that was her reply. My kid kills me.

Got lots of pictures for ya…
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This ain’t no sleigh ride

Tomorrow morning we’re leaving for my grandparents house…4 1/2 hours drive. My parents aren’t coming because frankly they don’t want to, but there’s some other reasons too. Anyway, we’re spending the night, then on Sunday we’re going to my in laws and coming home that night. What are we thinking?! Maddie’s going to be a terror. *sigh*

Alright, so I’ll be gone for a few days, but I thought I’d leave you with some {yeah, a ton} pictures…
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Holiday Cheer…

Maddie loves the song, ‘Deck the Halls’ so I thought I share a little blip

Fa la la la la la la la la

Oh and please excuse the following:

-My loud ass voice
-The grainy, dark, horrible picture my camera has done



Monday was a hard day for me. When I realized what day it was, I cried until I made myself sick. Not smart, I know. Now I’m sick and it sucks. 😦 Whenever I went to cry next, I shed one tear and thought of Monique and Kika. It helped.

Maddie was awesome the past few days, which helped too. She’s been very clingy, which I’ve needed.

I don’t know what else to say except I hope this will get easier with time.


On the first day of Christmas…

Take a look at my schedule next week:

Monday- Hard day, 1 year anniversary of Morgan’s death. Kenzie to and from school. Grocery shopping for both myself and my mom.

Tuesday- Kenzie to and from school. Appointment downtown at a tax office for Howard, we’re trying to get a loan.  Kenzie wears PJ’s to school for ‘Polar Express Day’.

Wednesday-Kenzie to and From school, bring games for Kenzie’s class to play. Make fruit platter for Kenzie’s Holiday Party. Pictures taken for picture mugs for grandparents.

Thursday- Kenzie to and from school. Kenzie’s holiday party that we will attend. Kenzie’s last day of school. Grocery shopping once again for Friday night.

Friday-Take care of both kids all day. Pack for long trip with kids and my mother {Lord help me}, Make side dishes for dinner at my sister’s tonight. Go to Stacie’s at 5 and have dinner, our Christmas and make a gingerbread house with them. Clean my house so it’s not a wreck when we get home late Sunday.

Saturday-Leave house by 9am {yeah right}. Keep both kids happy in car for almost 5 hours. Deal with {what I know will be} a very ill tempered husband and mother. Then get to deal with all my relatives, do gifts, go to dinner {With a very cranky tired baby}, then go back to my grandparents and attempt to get Maddie to sleep somewhere other then home…yikes.

Sunday-Deal with my hungover mother and angry husband. Take care of whiney kids. Drive 3 hours to my in laws. Listen to my mom bitch about that we have to go there. Listen to my mother in law bitch about…well…everything. Open presents with them, end up going to the grocery store so I can feed my kids {my mother in law NEVER prepares for our arrival in any way}. Deal with a sick kid {Kenzie always get so sick when we’re there because of all the cats in such a small area}. Deal with a very cranky baby and my mother and mother in law fighting for their attention. Then when it’s evening, wait in an hour long line to drive through Santa’s wonderland that Kenzie will whine through and Maddie will scream through then get on the road to go home while dealing with my mom constantly bitching about Howard not stopping to give her a cigarette break.

Ho ho, fu&*ing Ho! 🙂

Oh and did I mention that I’m getting sick…joy.

And then comes Christmas eve and Christmas day…lawdy….


Danger, overload

Lets just say that the past 10 days have had their highs and lows. Things got really messy on the 6th, 7th and 8th…so messy I don’t want to talk about it. It’s cleaned up now and…yeah.

Ok, other then that, lots of stuff…

We are done with Christmas shopping. Settled on our plans and our schedule. I’m getting very used to having my husband around all the time, which is something I shouldn’t do because he will eventually have to go back to work. Kenzie is doing good with school…her reading has improved even more. She’s ready for the Holidays and is going nuts at the site of our present filled house. Yes house…it’s like a plague, spreading from one end to the other.  She got her hair cut…it looks adorable! It’s just past her shoulders with lots of layers, I love it.

Maddie…has been such a handful. Constantly fussy, constantly crying and constantly eating. Her teeth are bothering her, she is going through a growth spurt, it ain’t pretty. I really need a break but refuse to leave her with anyone so I can get one, catch 22, right? She hasn’t said, mama in over a month and is irking me. She says everything else that a baby should, including ‘I want that’ {I nant dat} and she singing with me when I sing ‘Deck the Halls’ She sings, Falalalalalalalala. And now, when I leave her alone she’ll rock side to side and sing, lalalala. It’s freaking precious!!!!!!

Howard’s doing well. He’s enjoying being a stay at home dad too. He’s got a lot done around the house, been helping me cook and with the kids. It’s nice.

I have a few pictures to share from the past 10 days so…
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Just so you know…

Fate is no liar. Bad things have happened. Lots of things have happened. I’ll explain more when I have time. But wanted to let you know that we’re ok…just…ugh, lol.


If it feels like fate is dealing you a bad hand, she probably is.

Those are the words on a fortune cookie I just ate after my Chinese take out. Fate…Bitch.
Remember how Maddie was so cranky during pictures? Yeah, she’s sick and so am I. A cold I believe. Ick. We’ve both had runny noses, congestion, coughing, allergies and a bit of fever. I swear, out of the past 48 hours, she’s cried for 36 of them. No joke. She was so upset and she had thrown up earlier, so I gave her some very diluted juice and then a small bottle and out like a light, literally during burping.

I’m feeling quite a bit better, just very weak. It helps that I don’t feel like death. Plus, even though I still get up and get her ready every morning, Howard’s been taking Kenzie to school every day since he got laid off. Which reminds me, he did get approved for unemployment, the maximum the state allows. So, we are going to be ok through the holidays without too much of a problem.

Back around Halloween we had a huge problem with the local hood rats trashing our decorations. Our house is even more decked out for this holiday and Howard just caught two teenagers on my brother in law’s truck tearing apart our candy cane lights in the front yard. What is wrong with these people?

Fate and Teenagers…they must be neighbors.


The roof is on fire!

Last night went up the roof. That sounds so weird. Howard and the neighbor {soon to be 18 year old sweet kid!} scaled the roof and lit up our house enough to make our electric meter to spin like Linda Blair’s head. It looks sooo pretty! When it’s not sprinkling, I’ll take pics, I promise.

This morning started off ok, I got up before everyone and was able to do some ironing and get myself ready for the day. Then the kids got up, and Howard didn’t. It went down hill from there. I got the kids dolled up and to Sears to get their photos taken with my sister’s kids for a gift for our mom. Maddie was PISSED and Kenzie was a cheeseball. *sigh* didn’t go like I wanted it to {ppfftt typical}.

By the time we got home, Howard was finally awake and Maddie was smiling {figures}.

Howard applied for unemployment online today. All of his information was already in the database. They knew he was coming. Oh man, the stress of having 5 mouths to feed with no income. Scary.

Without any more chattering from me…

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Denial is grand…hohoho!

The shock has worn off of the lay off. Still very worried but taking a key from my husband right now and enjoying the weekend that we have had planned for a month.

This morning we got up at the butt crack of dawn and went to Kenzie’s school. They had a holiday breakfast with pancakes and breakfast burritos. The school choir was singing and it was so pretty! Then the kids got to see Santa, and no Maddie was not scared. Picture!! She wanted to eat the ball off of his cap, lol.
Then we went to the book fair that Kenzie’s has been saving for all year! She spent every cent of her $80! lol At least it was on books, oh and some fairy coloring thing and a Harry Potter poster, lol.

Then we went to a local grocery store and found the most GORGEOUS WREATH for our front door. My dad bought it for us.  Looks very similar to THIS. I’d take a pic, but frankly, I’m too lazy right now, lol.