The roof is on fire!

Last night went up the roof. That sounds so weird. Howard and the neighbor {soon to be 18 year old sweet kid!} scaled the roof and lit up our house enough to make our electric meter to spin like Linda Blair’s head. It looks sooo pretty! When it’s not sprinkling, I’ll take pics, I promise.

This morning started off ok, I got up before everyone and was able to do some ironing and get myself ready for the day. Then the kids got up, and Howard didn’t. It went down hill from there. I got the kids dolled up and to Sears to get their photos taken with my sister’s kids for a gift for our mom. Maddie was PISSED and Kenzie was a cheeseball. *sigh* didn’t go like I wanted it to {ppfftt typical}.

By the time we got home, Howard was finally awake and Maddie was smiling {figures}.

Howard applied for unemployment online today. All of his information was already in the database. They knew he was coming. Oh man, the stress of having 5 mouths to feed with no income. Scary.

Without any more chattering from me…

The group photo

The other group photo {notice the cheeseball smile}

My sister’s kids…Austin & Alyssa

And my girls…




3 comments so far

  1. Lora on

    Awww, honey they are great pics!!!

  2. Monique on

    Oooh, I loved the pics!!! They are so frickin’ tute!!!

  3. […] morning our next door neighbor rings the doorbell before 9am. No, not THAT one. The other one, the rude one who NEVER says hi or smiles at us when we wave or say hello. I […]

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