If it feels like fate is dealing you a bad hand, she probably is.

Those are the words on a fortune cookie I just ate after my Chinese take out. Fate…Bitch.
Remember how Maddie was so cranky during pictures? Yeah, she’s sick and so am I. A cold I believe. Ick. We’ve both had runny noses, congestion, coughing, allergies and a bit of fever. I swear, out of the past 48 hours, she’s cried for 36 of them. No joke. She was so upset and she had thrown up earlier, so I gave her some very diluted juice and then a small bottle and out like a light, literally during burping.

I’m feeling quite a bit better, just very weak. It helps that I don’t feel like death. Plus, even though I still get up and get her ready every morning, Howard’s been taking Kenzie to school every day since he got laid off. Which reminds me, he did get approved for unemployment, the maximum the state allows. So, we are going to be ok through the holidays without too much of a problem.

Back around Halloween we had a huge problem with the local hood rats trashing our decorations. Our house is even more decked out for this holiday and Howard just caught two teenagers on my brother in law’s truck tearing apart our candy cane lights in the front yard. What is wrong with these people?

Fate and Teenagers…they must be neighbors.



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  1. Monique on

    That’s why I’m so afraid of putting anything outside, the kids around here tore apart the soda machine. {Look at me, calling them kids like I’m THAT much older, lol!!}
    I hope you guys start feeling better soon and I am so glad to hear that you guys will make it through the holidays and whatnot. I was thinking about you all a lot, hoping you got some good news soon.
    Fate’s a pyscho anyway, she’s taken way too many ‘shrooms. 🙂

  2. Lora on

    Oh hun, I hope Howard beat them with the candy canes!!! Ya’ll need a security camera. Sorry that the fools were messing with you!!! And I am so sorry that you are sick. I hope you are feeling better real soon!!!

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