Danger, overload

Lets just say that the past 10 days have had their highs and lows. Things got really messy on the 6th, 7th and 8th…so messy I don’t want to talk about it. It’s cleaned up now and…yeah.

Ok, other then that, lots of stuff…

We are done with Christmas shopping. Settled on our plans and our schedule. I’m getting very used to having my husband around all the time, which is something I shouldn’t do because he will eventually have to go back to work. Kenzie is doing good with school…her reading has improved even more. She’s ready for the Holidays and is going nuts at the site of our present filled house. Yes house…it’s like a plague, spreading from one end to the other.  She got her hair cut…it looks adorable! It’s just past her shoulders with lots of layers, I love it.

Maddie…has been such a handful. Constantly fussy, constantly crying and constantly eating. Her teeth are bothering her, she is going through a growth spurt, it ain’t pretty. I really need a break but refuse to leave her with anyone so I can get one, catch 22, right? She hasn’t said, mama in over a month and is irking me. She says everything else that a baby should, including ‘I want that’ {I nant dat} and she singing with me when I sing ‘Deck the Halls’ She sings, Falalalalalalalala. And now, when I leave her alone she’ll rock side to side and sing, lalalala. It’s freaking precious!!!!!!

Howard’s doing well. He’s enjoying being a stay at home dad too. He’s got a lot done around the house, been helping me cook and with the kids. It’s nice.

I have a few pictures to share from the past 10 days so…

Up close of the door. There’s the wreath I was talking about here:

Pics from my neice’s birthday party. Carnival-esque:

The birthday girl:

Ma girls…

“When you hit bottom, there’s only one way to go…up”



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