On the first day of Christmas…

Take a look at my schedule next week:

Monday- Hard day, 1 year anniversary of Morgan’s death. Kenzie to and from school. Grocery shopping for both myself and my mom.

Tuesday- Kenzie to and from school. Appointment downtown at a tax office for Howard, we’re trying to get a loan.  Kenzie wears PJ’s to school for ‘Polar Express Day’.

Wednesday-Kenzie to and From school, bring games for Kenzie’s class to play. Make fruit platter for Kenzie’s Holiday Party. Pictures taken for picture mugs for grandparents.

Thursday- Kenzie to and from school. Kenzie’s holiday party that we will attend. Kenzie’s last day of school. Grocery shopping once again for Friday night.

Friday-Take care of both kids all day. Pack for long trip with kids and my mother {Lord help me}, Make side dishes for dinner at my sister’s tonight. Go to Stacie’s at 5 and have dinner, our Christmas and make a gingerbread house with them. Clean my house so it’s not a wreck when we get home late Sunday.

Saturday-Leave house by 9am {yeah right}. Keep both kids happy in car for almost 5 hours. Deal with {what I know will be} a very ill tempered husband and mother. Then get to deal with all my relatives, do gifts, go to dinner {With a very cranky tired baby}, then go back to my grandparents and attempt to get Maddie to sleep somewhere other then home…yikes.

Sunday-Deal with my hungover mother and angry husband. Take care of whiney kids. Drive 3 hours to my in laws. Listen to my mom bitch about that we have to go there. Listen to my mother in law bitch about…well…everything. Open presents with them, end up going to the grocery store so I can feed my kids {my mother in law NEVER prepares for our arrival in any way}. Deal with a sick kid {Kenzie always get so sick when we’re there because of all the cats in such a small area}. Deal with a very cranky baby and my mother and mother in law fighting for their attention. Then when it’s evening, wait in an hour long line to drive through Santa’s wonderland that Kenzie will whine through and Maddie will scream through then get on the road to go home while dealing with my mom constantly bitching about Howard not stopping to give her a cigarette break.

Ho ho, fu&*ing Ho! 🙂

Oh and did I mention that I’m getting sick…joy.

And then comes Christmas eve and Christmas day…lawdy….



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