Sweet Overload

Wrong! Maddie was not a terror, she was freakin awesome! I was shocked! She did beautifully! We all had a great time, especially compared to last year {don’t ask, trust me}.

Christmas was great too. Actually for now, no drama or bad news to speak of. sweet!

Oh, ha! Picture that whole ‘sweet‘ thing with the ‘How you doin’ fingers that Joey did from Friends, with the attitude. Kenzie did that, Saturday night at my grandparents house. My sister told her that she’d see her in the morning because they were coming back for breakfast, that was her reply. My kid kills me.

Got lots of pictures for ya…
First, the trip…
At my grandparents, opening gifts…

She was pissed at dinner, couldn’t figure out why. Daddy decided on a wardrobe change, and along with it came an attitude change…

Gift Recap:
Kenzie: Digital Pet from the Littlest Pet shop, mini on the go petshop, Velour Princess Robe, TY Doll, Headband, Connect 4.
Maddie: Stackable cups, Fisher Price Animal Train, I can find my belly button book, Busy Basics pop friends
Us: Pyrex Portable, Car emergency kit

At my inlaws…

My MIL totally scored! She got spoiled and loved EVERYTHING she received. And she’s hard women to please!

She cried when she saw the Christmas picture of the girls…

Gift Recap:
Kenzie: Track suit outfit from Justice, sequence tunic from Justice, 2 Bible puzzle books
Maddie: 3 ADORABLE outfits from Carters
Us: Paper shredder, ‘Our family Story’ genealogy book

Christmas eve…
HELP I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

Showing off her present from Nanny

Kenzie opening a present from her sissy…

Christmas morning…

What am I supposed to do with this?

Yeah, if you knew what she was looking at, you’d have the same face too!

And now, Kenzie’s slide show of opening gifts…HERE

And Maddie’s slide show…HERE

Santa Gift Recap:
Kenzie: Barbie as the Island Princess-3 barbies, elephant, hair decorator & karaoke machine, DVD. Disney Princess digital camera, DVD’s: Aquamarine, Curious George, Madagascar, High School Musical, Ice Age the Meltdown

Maddie: Fisher Price Superstar Sing-along stage

And the family gifts for the kids…the list is wayyyy too long to list now, lol. I’ll do it later, but for the rest of us…
Howard: Kitchen Aid industrial mixer, chocolate gift box, cake and cupcake storage

Me: Monopoly here and now, makeup brush set

My dad: Large framed picture of all grandkids, tons of cologne gift sets, annual picture mug of the girls.

My mom: Digital Bread Machine, George Foreman Lean mean grilling machine indoor grill

Whew…             :.K.:


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  1. Monique on

    My goodness!! How did you keep up? LOL!! Those little girls are SUPER cute, I’m so glad your Christmas went well!! 🙂

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