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The wonderful world of perjury!

As stated before about our problems with our cable/internet/phone company we are fighting it with all we have.

We contacted our bank and they have issued a Transaction dispute/Perjury statement to the company demanding our money to be deposited back into our bank as soon as possible unless they can prove that we gave them permission to take the funds out, which we did not.

So, needless to say…this has gotten interesting. If When the money is reinstated into our account, all of the fees will be taken off and our account will be back to normal. Which is good, considering I have a check to Mackenzie’s school that will bounce soon if they don’t. They say it’ll take 48 hours or so from the start of the process, which was 12pm yesterday. So, we can only hope that before the weekend starts, we will have our money back.

Thou shalt not toucheth our cashth unless we allow thee! PPPSSSHHHAAAAWWWW!



2/3 poor bebes…

At the buttcrack of dawn this morning I took Maddie to get a checkup on the RSV, and to get her 12 month shots.

No more RSV, totally clear!
4 shots…she held her breath and was almost purple by the time they were done. I felt so bad. I cried with her.
They gave us a new nebulizer so Howard, Kenzie and Maddie didn’t have to share one all the time.

Howard has GOT to get a job. He’s been on unemployment since December and we hate doing this. Living off the government sucks and makes us feel terribly guilty. He had an appointment with someone at the workforce center and they said that he has a week…one week from today to get a job or his benefits will decrease/cease. They have been telling him since he started unemployment that he shouldn’t take less then 90% of his last salary. Now, they don’t care if he has to drive 45 minutes every day and get paid minimum wage. They’re not being nice, so to say. So you can imagine what my husband’s self esteem is like right now.

I feel so bad. He is struggling so hard to get a job…and NO ONE, not even convenience stores will call him in for an interview! He has tons of good references and good job experience.  It’s so frustrating.


Can’t we catch a break?


Howard’s been out of work since the end of November, and our unemployment benefits are dwindling and our days our numbered for being unemployed with the bills piling up. Earlier this month we made an agreement with the Cable/Internet/Phone company to keep our service from being interrupted. It worked, at the time. But then, when our bill was due AGAIN the dear company decided to use our debit card information AGAIN to pay our bill, without our permission.

We called and asked why this amount was taken out of our bank account and they swear that we authorized it, and we never did. They will not refund the money, or give us any compensation once so ever for the damage they caused. And boy did they. With that and the things we have bought in the past week, along with NSF fees, we have $70 to last us 2 weeks. Nice, huh? We’ll work it out of course and get the money somehow, but damn! We’ve been managing our money very carefully and very tight since Howard lost his job and they just totally messed it up.

Howard is furious, as am I. We are going to TRY and talk to the branch manager of the bank and see if they will be lenient with the NSF fees that have not yet hit our bank, but will in the next 48 hours according to the pending column on our internet banking summary. Ugh…WHERE IS OUR W2?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?



being the most complicated, emotional wreck of a woman today. I don’t want to discuss adult issues or anything that is stressful, I just choose to block them out at this moment. VERY irresponsible of me, I know. When I DO try to talk about those things, I have a panic attack and get hives. No joke, you should see my legs and arms.


On another note, I don’t think I ever posted about this…
On Saturday afternoon on our way to drop off the kids at my mothers we saw that the people who live our soon to be new house were standing outside with the apartment manager. So, we pulled over and said Hi to everyone and introduced ourselves to the current residents, ect.

Jackie: We have a bit of a dilemma

Me: What’s that?

The people that are moving into your townhouse sold their house and need to MOVE IN by the 23rd of February AT THE LATEST!

Umm, ok, well when can we move into here?

Then, the lady that is living there right now said that they will try their hardest to be out by the 1st weekend in February. If not, the 10th at the latest.

So…needless to say, we have been kicked in the ass. It’s awesome because I am DYING to move, but still! Scary! We’re waiting on taxes, and we all know how reliable the IRS is…HA!


What the hell?!?!?!?!

We dropped the kids off with my mom for a few hours and went to Ikea. WOW…Ikea. Loved the stuff there, they had AWESOME sales and not so bad prices. But then we went into the self serve furniture…I looked up and got light headed and blacked out for about 2 seconds. And from then on…I was light headed, dizzy, nauseas and totally loopy!  Howard had to hold my arm like I was a damn invalid, and of course I INSISTED to go through the entire store, even if he had to push me on a buggy.

APPARENTLY,  Since I was a child I have had issues with warehouse locations. I always would get dizzy or scared while in them. Umm, why hasn’t anyone ever told me this?!? Damn.

And now…for the spaz attack.
Saturday night after showers and bedtime for Maddie…Howard and I were standing in the bathroom, the house was pitch black and on the counter sat his clothes for the next day. Including a pair of socks that he JUST got. I did a double take. The toe of his socks were GLOWING!


Umm, what the hell are you talking about?


He walks over to it, opens up his cell phone for light {and no, it never occurred to us to turn on the bathroom light} Moves the sock and shows me his electric shaver, under it, charging.

Oh. That sucks.


I feel like an a$$

I really do.

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Alright now…

Madison Lorraine,

I love you so much my darling daughter. You are truly a twinkle in my eye. You are such a sweet baby and your smile can melt even the coldest of hearts. But, when you choose to wake up and play, and scream until I play with you at 4:30am, we have a dilemma.

Please get your schedule straight. It’s necessary for mommy to get some sleep to survive the day full of playing, feeding and driving.

So please darling, next time you want to wake up and play…play independently.

Love, Mommy

My mom wants to take the kids for a few hours on Saturday. I think Howard and I are going to run to Ikea…never been in their store. Seen the catalogs, been on the website…never been in one. Can’t wait. Oh, my hunnie is going to build a desk for us for the new house…I CAN’T WAIT! I think it’s going to be BEAUTIFUL! 🙂


I’m NOT!

EVERYONE in my life right now things I’m p…p….oh God I can’t say it. With child.

It would be amazing
It would be a miracle
It would be dammed scary

I WANT to have more children Maddie is just so demanding She’s such a joy but takes up every second I have with the two I have now What would my family say What would my doctor say What if it’s twins again What would I do How could I survive a pregnancy again without having anxiety attacks constantly…


I don’t even remember when my last period was. They’ve been SO ERRATIC the past few months. But I have symptoms of pregnancy…but I don’t believe that I am pregnant. I don’t think it’s possible for me right now. I understand why people feel that way though. I have tons of signs. I am not testing yet, nor do I have plans to. When my birthday comes around and I haven’t had a period, throw the pee stick at me, k?


baby I’m amazed by you

Well today went better then yesterday. Howard was able to leave without Maddie losing it. Which is a very good thing.

Kenzie came home with her report card and I AM SO PROUD! She is doing EXCELLENT in reading! Already where a beginning second grader should be!  Her math is having some issues. She’s not behind but her teacher thinks she can do with some one on one to catch her up. Being dyslexic {my fault} and genetically bad at math {me again, Howard’s a wiz} I knew she might have some difficulty. So, they signed her up for a tutor to come to school on regular school hours and work with her individually. I think that will do leaps and bounds for her!

Mack never ceases to amaze me. From the way she eats her macaroni to the way she can melt your heart with one sentence. *sigh* I am so in love with that kid. I cannot wait {oh hell yes I can} until Maddie’s her age so I can see what kind of kid she will be.  {Scary thought considering she is terror in a diaper now, haha!}


one pissed off daddy’s girl!

Howard was gone all afternoon and that went fine. They he came home and ate dinner and played with the girls for a while and gone again to a class that he’s doing. Things have progressively gotten worse as the evening has played out.

Maddie is freakin pissed. I cannot calm her for the life of me. She is exausted and so am I. She won’t really eat, and when she does it doesn’t soothe her. She wants Howard, she’s not used to him being gone, ESPECIALLY in the evenings. That’s usually when he is on the floor playing with her and she does not like this ‘no daddy’ thing. I don’t know when he’ll be home.

And 10 minutes later…

He called and he’s on his way! OH THANK GOD! Maddie heard the phone and started saying, HI DADA, HI DADA, HI DADA! omg, Daddies girls are hell when they aren’t around, lol. I hope she’s not like this all the time when he’s not around. When he goes back to work, I am in deep sh*t!