false start…

I am in a foul mood today. We have stuff stacking on our shoulders so high we’re taller then the sears tower right now. *sigh*

My dad, who’s been living with us since August, has suddenly moved out and back with my mom. Why you ask? Because she got rid of her druggie/psycho roommate and asked him to come back, so he did, with bells on.  He won’t even admit that he’s moving back, he keeps insisting that he’s just staying there for a while. Yeah freakin right. Everything he owns, including all the things he was stocking up on for his new apartment that he was supposed to move into in the spring is at her house, oh all except for 5 outfits and a blanket.
He has to do this when Howard loses his job and we are making no income at all…so now we lose the income he was giving us too. Seriously, Howard made less then $400 last month with unemployment. We have over $2000 worth of bills due/past due/due within the next 5 days. With no light at the end of the tunnel.

’08 is NOT starting off very good.

Maddie’s birthday is 7 days. My baby will be a whole year old in 7 days.

Man I need help.



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  1. Monique on

    😦 I’m sorry. Who should I kick in the nads??

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