3 more days and what’s this?!?!

**Did a journal entry on Sunday morning**

**Posted this at 1pm on 1/8/07**

Started at 5:22am…

Good morning little darling, what in the world is that noise? It’s you, wheezing. Oh crap, I got you sick, I knew it was coming!
It’s been 2 hours, we’re at Dell Children’s Hospital waiting room. {I’m glad I let your sissy stay with Nanny last night, she’d be pissed to be up this early} Considering you haven’t had your booster for your flu shot {Wednesday} and you’re still at risk for RSV. This hospital is gorgeous!! People are really nice. Everyone gasps when they see you {and no, it’s not because of the foul smell coming out of your diaper from the moment we walked into the hospital, I RAN to the bathroom to change you} They talk about how gorgeous you are and how blue your eyes are…porcelain doll is a words that come to everyone’s mouth. See, I’m not the only one. Nurse is calling you…

mm, false alarm. Did a temp and weight check. Temp-100.7 Weight- 9.989kg which equals to about 22 pounds. Trying to eat my pen, I’ll try this again later.

In room number 16 now. Your nurse is sweet, Christina. You seem to like her. We’ll see if that changes. She said your chest sounded clear, thank God. She heard the noise I did though, and said it was probably the beginning of bronchiolitis. {umm, huh?} Doctor comes in, young, but nice. says, ‘wow, what a cutie’ ‘omg, you’re going to break some hearts’ ‘her eyes are amazing’ And basically concurs what Christina told us. He wants a chest x-ray just to be sure.

Howard’s playing Kenzie’s gameboy. I took you to get the x-ray. We walk in and you are all smiles, immediately saying, HI to the nurses. The tech rolls this…thing in front of me and reaches for Maddie. I took a step back. ‘You’re gonna put her in THAT?!?!’ Yep, it gives us a very clear picture, and it doesn’t hurt. ‘Umm, have you been in it before?’ She gives me a sympathetic smile and reaches for Maddie. I reluctantly hand her over and watch them stick my baby in a test tube. Immediately when she realizes she can’t move she screams. I start to cry and tell both of them to make this very quick or I’m getting her out of it myself. I have to leave her…they make me stand behind a wall, take 2 pictures, all the while I am crying, she’s crying and I’m singing, you are my sunshine, trying to soothe her. I hear the words, ‘got it’ and I run back in there and unhook the tube myself and get her in my arms as fast as I can. Immediately her cries are gone and she says, ‘mama’. The nurses that she was so sweetly babbling to earlier try to say goodbye, she swats at their hands and furrows her brow, turns to me and buries her head into my chest, holding on to her blankie. She has Howard’s attitude, lol.

You’re asleep on the hospital bed, with a teeny hospital bracelet around your wrist. Seeing you laying there, hearing the heart monitors of the room next to us…brings back so many memories. Oh my angel, it seems like a dream that the NICU happened. Your birthday is in 3 days. The anniversary of the hardest days of my life. I’ve never felt anything so bittersweet and so scary as I did when I realized you were going to be born. You’re stirring…

Not even a half an hour later minutes later, doc and nurse are in there saying chest is all clear, gives me scrips for medicine that should help with pain, fever, ect. Then they explain bronchiolitis. It’s RSV {see, I knew it!} Just not infecting her lungs yet. And with the meds it shouldn’t. {Thank God we came here}

Start to finish 3 hours! I’ve never spent less then 5 hours for an ER visit. Thank you Dell Children’s! WOW!

Now come on baby, don’t be sick for your birthday. I think we’re going to have to cancel the party.



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