here we go…

Yesterday was not an easy day for us needless to say. We had our ups and downs…that’s for sure. Maddie slept in pretty late considering she didn’t want to sleep the night before. When she got up we went and picked up my parents and took Maddie to the doc for her checkup.
Weight- 21 pounds, 5 ounces {70th percentile}
Height- 31 inches {90th percentile}
Doc was amazed at her development mentally as well as physically! When he walked in, she was taking steps {assisted of course} from Howard to me and exclaimed, HIIIIIII! To him the moment he walked in. She constantly talked to him and he understood her. Apparently, she’s clearer then I though in her speech! Whenever he picked up his pen to write she’d reach and say, ‘I want that’ and he understood her lol. It was very cute. No booster for flu and no immunizations today. The infection has moved to her lungs. So now she is on antibiotics and on a bunch of nebulizer treatments that she needs to take twice a day for 2-3 weeks! I can already see a difference in there though and omg she hates the damn mask for the nebulizer! lol

After the doc, we all went to Babies R Us to get Maddie’s birthday present {a walked} from my parents. Then they took us out to Cheddars for lunch. Maddie ate off of all our plates, she’s such a moose, lol.
Then after all of that…we took her home and put her to sleep while my parents stayed there and listened for her. Howard and I ran {well, not literally} to the pharmacy to fill the prescriptions and then to pick up Kenzie and take her to get HER booster for the flu. She did great, didn’t even feel it. All 3 of us cried the way home. It was about the time of day the twins were born, Kenzie saw the hospital they were born at {right across the street from their doctor’s office} and we just lost it. Not a fun drive home.

The rest of the evening was pretty low key. We sent Morgan her card {you’ll understand in a minute}, ate dinner, gave Maddie a treatment, browsed the net, cried a lot more and went to bed.

Pictures from the hospital…

And now from yesterday…
‘Awww, mom, not AGAIN!’

With her Nanny & Papa

With Mommy and Daddy {yes, I actually posted a picture of myself}

The most hideously cute smile EVER

mm, hands

The Happiest sick baby EVER

Making faces at Daddy

Look at me!

What’s that?!?!

Another Hideous Smile on a grander scale….

Papa, there’s only one diva in the family, and it’s not you, gimme back my crown!

She dug into this!

And later on that night…
Morgan’s card and balloon

The inside

Maddie, with Morgan’s balloon…

And Kenzie, letting it go…

‘Oh I believe there are angels among us.
Sent down to us from somewhere up above.
They come to you and me in our darkest hours.
To show us how to live, to teach us how to give.
To guide us with a light of love.’

A dear friend of mine told me that she wishes she could take away my pain, even for a minute. Not only was that the most selfless thing anyone has ever said to me, but it made me realize something.

I don’t want the pain to go away. If it did, I wouldn’t realize how precious my angels are. And if I don’t have the pain, I feel like I don’t have Morgan.

‘While most only dream of angels, I’ve held one in my arms’
Rest in Peace my angel, Happy Birthday my sweet twins.



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    😥 Beautiful…

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