AT not with

Maddie is doing so much better. She is wheezing and coughing, and now her nose is starting to run quite a bit.  But other then that, she is back to her normal, zany self.

*Total change of subject

We have had so many issues with this place and our lease is coming up for renewal at the end of April. We weren’t sure if we were going to renew. The square footage is awesome, the price isn’t bad, but too high for us and the crime and the security is TERRIBLE! Well we had another issue with security…2 night ago someone threw a huge rock at Howard’s car. Put 3 dents/scratches in the paint {all the way to the metal} about the size of a quarter each. Not to mention, the left top part of the hood of the car got pushed in over an inch and a half, so now it’s all cock-eyed. We told management, and when we did we spoke about our lease and our concerns, ect.

She then suggested that we move next door to HER in a 4 bedroom flat {versus our 3 bedroom townhouse} for $100 LESS!!!!!!!!  Oh and we get to move at the end of February, so the financial relief will be sooner rather then later. I really hope it works out.

Ugh, gotta end this now. My husband has been talking finances AT me for hours now…I have a migrane



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  1. Monique on

    Yep, I got the financial talking at earlier when I said “Babe, I think I want a baby shower.” He replies, “Well, Love, we can do that, let’s just look at the numbers, I get paid here, we get Mara here, number number number, blah blah blah, cost bill diapers…” I just smile, I think that’s what gives me the headache. Or maybe it was when he shut up about numbers and said “Hon- you don’t… have any friends.” 😐

    I’m glad it’s looking up! 😀

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