Total nonsense

Maddie finally is asleep. She has been fighting me all day. NOT FUN! lol Both kids are in bed and I feel like a big bowl of goo. It’s nice lol. I love kids and if my sanity and wallet could handle it, I’d have ten of them, lol.

Been pretty much a blah day. Nothing exciting has happened, we didn’t go anywhere…just blah. Maddie’s now starting to get hyper with the nebulizer treatments, which is pretty funny. She starts with kicking her feet and not just a little swing, I mean like crane moving in the wind swing! lol Then when she’s done she flaps her arms hard and hits her self over and over in the stomach. All the while, making this high pitched sound and smiling her hideously cute fake smile.

My mind went blank…I’m eating a granola bar. lol I guess I’m too focused on that right now, lol.



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