Crude drag

Maddie’s fighting me again. She’s still awake, the little butt munch.

Once again, a ho hum day. We went to Wal-Mart and bought baby food, Tide and socks lol.

Huge gap…Maddie was up here playing. Howard and I went downstairs and gave her medicine, a bottle {of cows milk, by the way, and she seems to like it a lot} She is such a comic! She loves to make us laugh, and she gives us these squeals and smiles to try to get a rise out of us and it always does. Such a ham! Kenzie is too, she was a hoot today, but she always is lol. She was supposed to decorate a snow man for the hallway outside of her class, well her snow man is dressed in drag, lol.

I love my husband, he’s freakin awesome and we usually get along wonderful. A lot of my friends envy me because of him. Well, lately he has been so PMSy, sensitive, bitchy and down right rude lol. He picks on me a lot more then usual. And some times it’s mean picking…I dunno what I’m going to do with him. I swear he’s going to start bleeding any day now, lol.

Beware the more button…CRUDE TMI JOKE BELOW!

Howard was doing his business {#2} last night before bed and I was pacing the living room munching on some chips.
Howard: Come here, I want some!
Me: umm, your on the pot
Howard: So what?! I want some!
Me: Ok…fine.
I bring them to him and walk out of the bathroom. My clever brain pops out…
So you’re putting in a drive through then, huh? In one end and out the other all at once.

We laughed for over an hour.



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