Peace, love…

Last night went a lot better then I expected it to! Went downstairs and Maddie stayed asleep all night and my husband gave me a massage and I slept harder then I have since before I had kids, lol.

This morning we woke up very late and Kenzie was beyond late for school. I felt so bad {the day before we had gotten a general letter out from her teacher saying that we need to make sure our kids are in school on time because they are going to start doing spelling first thing} And what’d I do? Make her late, for the first time since school started, lol.

Then when Howard got home from taking her, we all piled in the car and ran errands. Finally ending up looking at our new place. LOVE IT!  Some storage concerns and the bedrooms are MUCH smaller. But the kitchen and living room…NICE!!!!!!! The bathrooms and utility room are huge! There is going to be some storage issues, no doubt, but…I think it’ll work a lot better for us!

Then we had to go pick up my mom from another one her excursions downtown in a hotel that left her stranded. Drama, Drama, Drama.

Then I took Maddie to the nutritionist. Went really well. I had some concerns with her milk intake now that we’ve made the switch to cows milk and apparently they were nothing to worry about. 🙂

This evening went well. LOVED watching American Idol…did I mention that half way into it I got to put Maddie down for good and she is STILL ASLEEP! No fighting…SCORE! Loved American Idol idiots and the talented, lol. God I missed those three stooges!


‘Peace, love and chicken grease’-Randy Jackson


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