yack yack yack

It was a rainy, cold and wet day all day today. So, in spirit of the weather, we decided to BBQ {here’s your sign}. But, it turned out wonderful. I love BBQ Chicken, and so do my kids apparently, lol. Maddie had 2 dinners…the piglet!

She was a riot today. I cannot get over how much personality she has and gets every day when she wakes up in the morning it multiplies! Oh! And she woke up this morning for the first time in over 2 weeks with NO WHEEZING!!!! So, when they said 2 weeks with the nebulizer, they weren’t kidding. It’d be 2 weeks on Wednesday. I am so glad my baby is back to normal!

Howard is going to be out of the house, without us, all day tomorrow. It’ll be the first official day that he has been away from us all day since he lost his job on the 30th of November. Going to be an interesting day. He has some classes to go to {continuing education information & job fairs} that he has to go to. I don’t know what I am going to do when he actually goes back to work. Which, by the way hasn’t had any developments. He hasn’t even been called in for an INTERVIEW!! Very frustrating.

We have talked a lot about us continuing our education. I would love to go back to school to be able to work from home or do SOMETHING in the medical field. I am really interested in being a RT {Radiation Tech}. That way, I could be involved in health care but not kill anyone…SCORE! And I’ve very seriously considered medical transcription. I can do all the classes online and it’s not that much money and not that much time, BUT I am afraid that it won’t pan out. Like I won’t be able to find a job that I can work from home with it. That would be the ideal if I could work from home.

omg, I am so rambling.

Anyway ~ I am uploading videos of Maddie we took today of her yapping. I’ll post them when they upload…finally. {damn you photobucket!}



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