one pissed off daddy’s girl!

Howard was gone all afternoon and that went fine. They he came home and ate dinner and played with the girls for a while and gone again to a class that he’s doing. Things have progressively gotten worse as the evening has played out.

Maddie is freakin pissed. I cannot calm her for the life of me. She is exausted and so am I. She won’t really eat, and when she does it doesn’t soothe her. She wants Howard, she’s not used to him being gone, ESPECIALLY in the evenings. That’s usually when he is on the floor playing with her and she does not like this ‘no daddy’ thing. I don’t know when he’ll be home.

And 10 minutes later…

He called and he’s on his way! OH THANK GOD! Maddie heard the phone and started saying, HI DADA, HI DADA, HI DADA! omg, Daddies girls are hell when they aren’t around, lol. I hope she’s not like this all the time when he’s not around. When he goes back to work, I am in deep sh*t!



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