So 90’s

Since my life was going to be hectic this week, I may have to take some computer time off, so on to the paper we go!

I need to post those vids of Maddie. So that’ll be in this entry.

THIS one is of Maddie talking to Howard, excuse the weird angles, but it’s so cute!

THIS one is really freakin dark and loud, she’s sitting with my parents in our dark living room, but the stuff she says is ADORABLE!

Howard’s still home. He wasn’t supposed to be, but with the weather he didn’t go out. I think he is going to try at 1pm. He’s sleeping right now. Allergies and weather are getting to him I think. I’m on a reading kick. I can’t seem to stop reading these days! I don’t know if I’ve ever admitted this or not but…I have a secret addiction to trashy romance novels. I love them. I know, shameful! lol Ugh my hand hurts…writing is so…90’s. lol I took off my nails today {acrylic ones, I’m not psycho people} So…double pain! lol

I know this is going to be a short entry, but I am done with this one, lol. Wish me luck on my afternoon alone!



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