I’m NOT!

EVERYONE in my life right now things I’m p…p….oh God I can’t say it. With child.

It would be amazing
It would be a miracle
It would be dammed scary

I WANT to have more children Maddie is just so demanding She’s such a joy but takes up every second I have with the two I have now What would my family say What would my doctor say What if it’s twins again What would I do How could I survive a pregnancy again without having anxiety attacks constantly…


I don’t even remember when my last period was. They’ve been SO ERRATIC the past few months. But I have symptoms of pregnancy…but I don’t believe that I am pregnant. I don’t think it’s possible for me right now. I understand why people feel that way though. I have tons of signs. I am not testing yet, nor do I have plans to. When my birthday comes around and I haven’t had a period, throw the pee stick at me, k?



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