being the most complicated, emotional wreck of a woman today. I don’t want to discuss adult issues or anything that is stressful, I just choose to block them out at this moment. VERY irresponsible of me, I know. When I DO try to talk about those things, I have a panic attack and get hives. No joke, you should see my legs and arms.


On another note, I don’t think I ever posted about this…
On Saturday afternoon on our way to drop off the kids at my mothers we saw that the people who live our soon to be new house were standing outside with the apartment manager. So, we pulled over and said Hi to everyone and introduced ourselves to the current residents, ect.

Jackie: We have a bit of a dilemma

Me: What’s that?

The people that are moving into your townhouse sold their house and need to MOVE IN by the 23rd of February AT THE LATEST!

Umm, ok, well when can we move into here?

Then, the lady that is living there right now said that they will try their hardest to be out by the 1st weekend in February. If not, the 10th at the latest.

So…needless to say, we have been kicked in the ass. It’s awesome because I am DYING to move, but still! Scary! We’re waiting on taxes, and we all know how reliable the IRS is…HA!



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