Can’t we catch a break?


Howard’s been out of work since the end of November, and our unemployment benefits are dwindling and our days our numbered for being unemployed with the bills piling up. Earlier this month we made an agreement with the Cable/Internet/Phone company to keep our service from being interrupted. It worked, at the time. But then, when our bill was due AGAIN the dear company decided to use our debit card information AGAIN to pay our bill, without our permission.

We called and asked why this amount was taken out of our bank account and they swear that we authorized it, and we never did. They will not refund the money, or give us any compensation once so ever for the damage they caused. And boy did they. With that and the things we have bought in the past week, along with NSF fees, we have $70 to last us 2 weeks. Nice, huh? We’ll work it out of course and get the money somehow, but damn! We’ve been managing our money very carefully and very tight since Howard lost his job and they just totally messed it up.

Howard is furious, as am I. We are going to TRY and talk to the branch manager of the bank and see if they will be lenient with the NSF fees that have not yet hit our bank, but will in the next 48 hours according to the pending column on our internet banking summary. Ugh…WHERE IS OUR W2?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?



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