2/3 poor bebes…

At the buttcrack of dawn this morning I took Maddie to get a checkup on the RSV, and to get her 12 month shots.

No more RSV, totally clear!
4 shots…she held her breath and was almost purple by the time they were done. I felt so bad. I cried with her.
They gave us a new nebulizer so Howard, Kenzie and Maddie didn’t have to share one all the time.

Howard has GOT to get a job. He’s been on unemployment since December and we hate doing this. Living off the government sucks and makes us feel terribly guilty. He had an appointment with someone at the workforce center and they said that he has a week…one week from today to get a job or his benefits will decrease/cease. They have been telling him since he started unemployment that he shouldn’t take less then 90% of his last salary. Now, they don’t care if he has to drive 45 minutes every day and get paid minimum wage. They’re not being nice, so to say. So you can imagine what my husband’s self esteem is like right now.

I feel so bad. He is struggling so hard to get a job…and NO ONE, not even convenience stores will call him in for an interview! He has tons of good references and good job experience.  It’s so frustrating.



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