The wonderful world of perjury!

As stated before about our problems with our cable/internet/phone company we are fighting it with all we have.

We contacted our bank and they have issued a Transaction dispute/Perjury statement to the company demanding our money to be deposited back into our bank as soon as possible unless they can prove that we gave them permission to take the funds out, which we did not.

So, needless to say…this has gotten interesting. If When the money is reinstated into our account, all of the fees will be taken off and our account will be back to normal. Which is good, considering I have a check to Mackenzie’s school that will bounce soon if they don’t. They say it’ll take 48 hours or so from the start of the process, which was 12pm yesterday. So, we can only hope that before the weekend starts, we will have our money back.

Thou shalt not toucheth our cashth unless we allow thee! PPPSSSHHHAAAAWWWW!



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