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umm, no

Well, I was totally off on what I thought was strange sleeping habits.

Maddie has tonsillitis…doctor confirmed it today. The poor dear. Oh and one of her toppers popped through…so double whammy. The poor child has been in too much pain to sleep!

Now she’s on antibiotics and pain meds and she should get better soon! 🙂  I hope so! I miss my sleep so much!

Kenzie’s field trip was a blast! click HERE for the slideshow.

Howard is making big promises…he SWEARS the house will be done by the time he goes back to work Monday night. We’ll see, won’t we?

I’m going to go try to convince my diva that she needs beauty sleep…like her mother. No, scratch that, I don’t need beauty sleep…at this point I need ugly sleep, I’m way past that at this point.



Why oh why

Another episode from my rich inner life:

Do my dear friends have to ask how Maddie is doing?

Well dur K, they ask because they CARE!

But, whenever I say she’s good and sleeping through the night for the first time like EVER then she STOPS! I jinx myself!

Then quit telling the truth dumbass. 🙂

But that defeats the purpose of their question.

Shuddup K, and put the baby down. Oh and remind Howard to move the rocking chair in the baby’s room. Standing and rocking that little sand bag is exhausting!


Quick update

Since I have since given up on retrieving those lost messages and journal entries, I will try to update everyone onto what is my crazy life.

We’ve moved. And unpacked. {kinda}

Our house is semi normal. Still missing boxes. I’m telling you, this house is so much nicer with furniture in it! OMG! {Can you say Ferocia Coutura!} The house is much bigger then we thought! {Thank God for that!}. Only complaint is we don’t have a working microwave!

I’ll post pics soon!

Next is Howard started work on Wednesday. He loves the people and what he’s doing {although he’s working his ass off…literally he’s almost dropped a pant size!} BUT, he hates the hours. I hate the hours. We hate the hours. 7pm-5am. Up until he started we had spent 2 nights away since we got married. {Pathetic, I know}. I can’t sleep without him and he hates leaving me.

Needless to say, I’m not sleeping. I’m finding myself turning into my insomniac self that I once was. Very scary. I’m trying to fix it.

Kenzie has a field trip tomorrow, so I get to go hang with the other parents and play nice. {Yipee!}

Maddie’s good, cranky, teething, won’t stay still but good! Either she is trying to walk by holding our fingers and running OR she wants to be held UPSIDE DOWN! Yes, I gave birth to a bat!

So, yeah that’s about it for now. Howard and Kenzie will be home any minute and I need to go start dinner so Howard can eat before he leaves for work.

I’m super excited on the NaBloPoMo in March! And theme writing which sounds so fun! Theme: Lists! I do those, I do lists for the lists I need to make. Oh I am so cool…ha!


I give up!

I thumbed a ton of blog posts from my blackberry and none of the mofo’s went through.

I tried to find them and failed.

So, with that conclusion…blog 365 is DONE! Sorry! Wrong Number! No more! lol Why in the hell did I think I could do that anyway. Ppsssshhhhhaaawww!

Anyway, NaBloPoMo is coming back month…booya! So, I’ll do that! 🙂



We did it

We’re done.

Finally! And we managed only to break one thing. I did it too, lol.

I am so relieved! I have my children back and my new house. omg it was so weird to sleep without Maddie! I never want to do it again {be realistic now}.

I have so much to do! I’ll update when I can!


See the time? No way in HELL is Kenzie going to school today! haha!

I love teenagers

Like seriously. I love them.

2 neighbor high school kids just got home from a dance at school.  And now they are BREAK DANCING UP AND DOWN THE STAIRS CARRYING OUR STUFF!

And that is SO not a joke!

I love these kids, omg! Looks like we are going to get moved!

I am such a mess, and no help. I keep crying. I am spending my first night away from Maddie in a year. This is so damn hard.


Not good

It’s not going well.

Both of our kids are with my parents and we have the moving van. Howard’s and mine’s energy is going fast and Todd’s not helping at all.

All the people we had called to help, none of them are answering their phones now. Nice.

Please help!


My house…

err housES are a mess.

I hate moving.

My poor kids are so confused, hell I’m confused. I cannot wait for all of this to be over. And oh, the paint…it’s so freakin awesome!

Computers are off, and will stay that way for a while, so I’m going to blackberry my entries from now on. {blackberry didn’t send them, no reason why.}
Wish us luck!


Be my Valentine

Howard got me a very pretty bouquet of flowers.

The sweetest card ever.

And a  hand written love note.


And then we spent the rest of the evening painting, while my mom made us dinner and watched our children. Nice.


yeah, I know….

I HAVE been blogging journaling. I have some interesting entries too. But, We’re smack dab in the middle of the move. I’ll update as soon as I can!