Rollin right along…

This morning we went to a birthday party for my nephew. It was a lot of fun! It was at one of those inflatable play places. Kenzie and Howard had a blast. Maddie did, except for when Howard took her down the slide, she screamed her little head off. My cousin {the mom of the birthday boy} went down it first for the adults, and when she did I got a good picture of her butt and legs curled up into the fetal position which I wrongly showed her and she immediately deleted off my camera. damn.

Then our afternoon was filled with in laws and packing. So far, no real feather fluffs with them, except between Howard and his mother. They fight like teenage girls do over a boy…lemme tell you! Anyway, we went to dinner at Cheddars followed by an impromptu visit to Target where we bought Kenzie’s bedding {FREAKIN ADORABLE} and looked at furniture.

We finally picked our paint colors for the house, and we’re going for a really pretty green for the living room, rose color for Maddie’s room to go with her bedding and a very cool turquoisey blue to go in Kenzie’s room.

The next few days, Kenzie has off until Thursday…we are going to spend with family watching our kids at our house and we are going to pack our pants off. Moving day…2 weeks.


Oh and I forgot to add, the bank issue-resolved!


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